Jobe Burnham

Jobe is a fly-fishing fanatic having grown up on a farm only a few miles from Eyebrook Reservoir and, as a country lad,  took an interest in fly fishing from a young age.  There is nothing he enjoys more than targeting fish on a fly he’s tied himself. From dace, chub or trout in a river to large grown on trout and specimen pike in reservoirs if it swims, he will cast a fly to it.

He has worked at Eyebrook for 5 years and has a great knowledge of the water and its history.  During this period Jobe has become passionate regarding the venue and spends most, if not all, of his spare time fishing. As such, he has up to the minute knowledge of where the trout are to be found at any given time.

Jobe therefore is something of an expert at catching our quality Eyebrook fish. The natural stock of wild, grown on brown trout arguably rival all other UK reservoirs and Jobe certainly knows how to tempt them to the fly.  Our catch & release policy preserves these trophy fish, but not before they provide the opportunity to record that special capture with a picture to treasure.

Jobes other speciality is targeting Eyebrooks super-sized specimens, the Pike. Jobe is the current Eyebrook record holder for pike with a fantastic specimen of 31lb. Since Fishery Management (UK) Ltd took over the management of Eyebrook, pike fishing has been strictly fly only and accessible to any fly anglers. Jobe is always on hand and available to answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, why not book Jobe for a guided session to utilise his expertise in your quest to land one of the venues great specimens?

To book Jobe for a session please call the Eyebrook lodge 01536 770264 or Email